Things Producers’ Readers want from a Spec Script

8 Things Producers’ Readers want from a Spec Script

8 Things Producers’ Readers want from a Spec Script:

  1. Rock solid Concept. Without a great, marketable concept you have nothing.
  2. Great Visuals. Ensure your writing is as visual as possible to gain the reader’s real consideration.Descriptors are the most important. If you can come to grips with the prose, you’ll immediately catapult your work to the TOP of the pile!
  3. A fantastic Open. You must CONNECT with the audience on several levels. Most screenplays do not start well. In fact, they barely start at all – someone just strolls in and starts talking. YAWN!
  4. Lean and focused structure. It doesn’t matter how you do it … No reader cares whether you use Save The Cat, The 3 Acts, The 5 Acts, The Mini Movie Method – **whatever**!Make sure you nail structure.
  5. Dramatic, non-static, short scenes. Most scenes in spec screenplays are boring. They’re usually centered around talk, so there’s no sense of movement, so the scene feels static.
  6. Intriguing dialogue that won’t take over. Great dialogue is celebrated by actors and audience members alike; but it’s important to rememberdialogue is massively overrated. The average spec screenplay is quite literally bloated with it – writers could cut half of it, or even TWO THIRDS and it would do the same job.
  7. Good characterization. We often hear about “good characters” from social media. Avoid the trap and stop thinking like a layperson. You are a writer. A “good character” then means a character who has: a discernible role function and a discernible, believable and authentic
  8. Your voice. We’ve got enough vanilla screenplays. We want to be certain that only you can tell this story.

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