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Things to Do Today to Help Sell Your Script When I began script consulting eleven years ago I didn’t really know anyone in the industry. With a lot of hard work, persistence and establishing relationships with Producers and Writers in […]

Film Review: IN DEPTH

Captain America: Civil War THE SKINNY The most mature and substantive picture to have yet emerged from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. THE REVIEW The shaming of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will continue apace — or better still, be […]


DO THIS TO TODAY AND CREATE BETTER ODDS FOR A SALE   Most writers hate doing it. The A-List writers always do it. What do they know that we don’t? Terry Rossio and Tim Elliott, some of the highest paid […]

Screenplay Tips: Montages

Fact: most montages in spec screenplays are dull, predictable and/or unnecessary. Montages I see most often are changing rooms, characters cooking some kind of sumptuous meal or changing seasons (usually through a window) or urban development across a city on […]

Everybody Wants Some!! FILM REVIEW

         Everybody Wants Some!! Film Review THE SKINNY A worthy heir to ‘Dazed and Confused.’ REVIEW After the dramatic one-two punch of “Before Midnight” and “Boyhood,” a master of the modern hangout movie achieves his most sustained […]

10 Cloverfield Lane FILM REVIEW

10 Cloverfield Lane THE SKINNY John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in this sensationally effective semi-sequel to 2008’s found-footage hit. REVIEW Watching “Cloverfield,” the 2008 found-footage disaster movie about an alien invader on the streets of New York, it […]

The Truth about Producers

  All aspiring and emerging writers should know that the person who decides whether a script is purchased or declined is a Producer. Most often that decision is based on what a “producer’s reader” has to say about a particular […]