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Script Consultant and Story Advisor. Bio

“Wayne’s Movie World” began merely by chance. I had worked in Radio and TV for over 25 years. It’s the world I came from and that background was to help immensely later on.  It helps my clients in ways that are unique to my services.

The genesis of my consultative services was the result of encouragement from several friends who knew I had a passion for film. I dove right in and held Screenwriting Seminars at Public Libraries.

The University of Western Ontario (Canada) offered Comprehensive Courses in Screenwriting, which I took.

I joined a local ‘writer’s group’ and soon found myself offering positive critiques of members’ screenplays.

Earlier, I had been a ‘sessional’ professor at my home town University teaching in the Communications Department. I thought I had a good foundation.

“Well, not quite.”

Yes, my experience to that point was necessary. Then, LA happened!

I always believed in getting it from the ‘horse’s mouth’, so I went to the horse, LA.
Several opportunities and conferences with A-List writers showed me deeper facets of the art and craft of screenwriting and an understanding of the film industry and how the ‘business’ works for screenwriters.

My first lesson in screenwriting was from a friend who happened to be a stunt man, Erik Cord. I had asked, “What does POV mean?”

It’s been nine years since we launched Wayne’s Movie World’. Some clients went on to secure script meetings with Producers; others have been optioned and many have won or placed in major Screenwriting contests. I’ve done seminars in both the US and Canada. Recently, I’ve been teaching screenwriting to Grade 12 students at a local high school as part of the Arts’ Program.

No Consultant can guarantee a sale. But, trust me with your script and I guarantee your writing will be elevated, your characters will be more compelling and your dialogue will have a deeper meaning

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