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Great writers are great at subtext. Great subtext makes you a great writer. Great screenplays are loaded with excellent subtext. There are different types of subtext. SUBTEXT DIALOGUE SUBTEXT ACTION SUBTEXT SCENES SUBTEXT CHARACTERS Be able to create one kind […]

The Seeds For Screenwriter’s Success

Seed 1 As a screenwriter you should know that it all begins with you! That applies to your great storytelling and ultimately to your vision of success. You have to see your personal story succeeding as well. You may wonder […]


Three Must Haves for Your Logline      1. State the conflict and who it’s between.  Screenplays are boring when there is not enough conflict. It’s the same with the logline. You may have a great script but your logline will […]

ON LOCATION January 14th, 2017

5 Lies About Becoming a Screenwriter   Becoming a screenwriter is the most incredible, challenging, rewarding, disappointing, exciting, rollercoaster ride of self-discovery you’ll ever take. No matter how your career turns out, it’s worth it. That said, your life is […]