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FIVE LAWS TO CREATE A GREAT SCREEN STORY   Wonderful Screen Stories just don’t happen. They must be flawless in concept, detailed in structure, a plot that keeps the audience in their seats and a clear, precise understanding of the […]

ON LOCATION, November 19, 2016

How to format a screenplay. Today we’re lucky enough to have some excellent software packages that make formatting your screenplay so much easier. So, why do you need to read up on formatting? It’s all taken care of? All the […]

ON LOCATION September 24, 2016

Script Writing Contests That Can Get You Discovered   No 1 – Academy Nicholl Fellowship This is far and away the most respected contest in Hollywood, and also one of the hardest to win — the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. […]

ON LOCATION September 10, 2016

Five Foolproof Ways to Make Your Story Shine Through As a screenwriter, tell a great story but your material has to survive layer after layer of gatekeepers until it is finally bought and produced. The way you tackle this multi-reader […]


What is the best way to go about writing a screenplay? There really can’t be hard and fast rules on this one because different writers have different processes. However, the one thing I DO advocate is something that many writers […]

myths about parentheticals

4 Myths About Parentheticals

Myth One A writer needs to show when a character is laughing, smiling, winking! Rarely does a writer need to do this – why not just put it in your scene description? Moreover, reserving a parenthetical for something like “(smiles)” […]

Components of a Highly Marketable Script

ON LOCATION January 9, 2016

Vital Components of a Highly Marketable Script   Nothing you read about Screenwriting or classes that you take will outshine what you’ll see today on this episode of Wayne’s Movie World. Here for you now are the 9 key elements […]