How to Grab a Producer’s Attention in 10 Seconds

Creating a concept is a skill that can be developed. It is the essential element that can determine success or failure. It involves two things that are vital. Today we’ll let you know how to grab a producer’s attention in 10 seconds.

KEY: What is your big movie idea? Can you communicate it in 6 or 7 words?

With Concepts “Less is more” “Shorter is better”

This is not an easy thing to achieve. A writer must boil down a feature length screenplay to a few words. Let’s show some examples:

Jurassic Park is open again!

Dances with wolves in space, Avatar

Shakespeare has writers block, Shakespeare in Love

Romeo and Juliette on board the Titanic.

Often there is a difference between CONCEPT and LOG LINE!

LOGLINE: A journey of taboo love when a penniless artist falls in love with poor, little, rich girl Rose on board the Titanic.

CONCEPT: Romeo and Juliette on board the Titanic.

Which one would grab a Producers’ attention?

KEY: What is your movie about on the surface and under the surface?

Distinguishing these two is imperative and working with them both will help you focus in on CONCEPT.

On the surface China Town is a mystery about water.

Under the surface, it’s about money and if you have enough you can get away with incest and murder.

Understand what you movie is about on and under the surface.

NEXT TIME: Is talent enough?


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