Is the chick flick dead?

Women are FIFTY PER CENT of your potential audience, whether you’re writing movies, short films, TV pilots, novels, or transmedia projects. If you get on Google, you’ll discover that surveys consistently find that women read more than men, especially fiction; they also note women stream more movies and TV than men; plus they’re far more likely watch television (especially box sets). Women even use social media and the internet more than men! What’s more, the MPAA has revealed the majority of cinema audiences in the America are actually FEMALE! So in other words, ignoring your female characters is literally leaving money on the table. But is the chick flick dead?

In this day and age, the outdated notion of the “male” and “female” story is GONE. Women, just like men, want a “great story, well told”. Women now watch genres and types of story traditionally associated with “male” tastes such as Horror, Blockbusters, gross-out comedies and stories full of extreme violence (even torture!). In other words, what Women personally find entertaining. This may include traditional fare like Rom Coms (and why not), but is just as likely to include high-octane action thrillers, reflected in characters like Furiosa and The Wives featured in movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). One of the biggest hits of this decade, Mad Max: Fury Road not only made its filmmakers bundles of cash, the movie got critical acclaim AND was an audience favourite, scoring 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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