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Avoid the “Unsolicited” Road Block

When I first started to consult clients, it wasn’t too long before I was hearing from discouragedwayneed writers about the number of Production Companies, Agents and Studios that told them they were not accepting UNSOLICITED material.

One way of handling this is to ignore that response and immediately use your 10 second telephone pitch. An example of this kind of pitch is, “I have a script about a female Godfather”. The people who answer phones at these companies, whether an intern, assistant or someone in an office, are trained to look for marketable concepts. If you can get your concept into a 10 second phone pitch, you will be surprised with the outcome.

Another way of dealing with the “we don’t accept unsolicited material” is to get them to SOLICIT YOUR WORK.

You CAN do this, if you have the right approach.

First, understand this about the industry:

Producers and agents won’t read stuff if they don’t have BUT

they afraid of missing out on The Next Big Thing.

So you need to persuade them that you’re the Next Big Thing.

It’s easier than you might think.

– Get online and create a good online persona (a head shot, a tantalizing list of

achievements, your experience)

– Meet professionals in the industry whenever you can in “real life” (like a pitch

fest, an industry event, a film festival)

– deliver your logline (not a tag line) conversationally. Know who your audience

is and why they would interested in your story.

– Ask agents and producers if they’d be interested in reading a one pager. No one’s

afraid of one page? No one.

– But if an agent or producer declines, ask them if you may get back in touch in

say, 3 months? If they say yes, do it and put it on your calendar

follow up.


– If they say yes to the One Pager, send it – and don’t hassle them. Know how

And when to follow up

– if they request your script, send it. If they say it’s not for them, thank them. Ask if

you could send another One Page Pitch in 3 months.

– keep building up your contacts and reads – and thus, your name.

It’s a simple strategy, but you’re playing the long game. It’s not a case of meeting the right person and/or sending off your script and being magically picked out of obscurity. No one ever makes it “overnight” – even those who appear to have come out of nowhere have still been slogging it behind the scenes.

I feel if you are consistent with these simple things, you will find that instead of hearing, ‘we don’t accept unsolicited material’, your script will be solicited.

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