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Query Letter Mailings

If you have a completed screenplay, you have spent countless hours writing it and getting it to the stage it’s now at. You may have already gone through getting it polished and ready to market. You may have even marketed it already. Wherever you are in the process, if you want to sell your screenplay, you have to get it in front of producers and literary agents or managers.

Query letters mailings have long been a way for writers to get their materials in front of the people who can do something do with it — and it’s no different for screenwriters.

If you want to give your script the best chance possible with your query letter mailing, there are three things that are necessary:

1) Your query letter must present your script in the most commercial way possible.

2) The letters must target the right people for the genre of your script.

3) You must send it to industry pros at the right level in the food chain when you’re sending an unsolicited letter. If you send it to companies that are too big, it will get returned to you as unsolicited.

KEY: Send it to companies that are small. They most often will have contacts to larger companies which may have access to financing and/or distribution.

Wayne’s Movie World can help with your query letter and we have Marketing Service that can help you help you. You get a professional query letter written for your screenplay highlighting its most commercial elements. Then we will show you how to select the best set of producers to market to.

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