Components of a Highly Marketable Script

ON LOCATION January 9, 2016

Vital Components of a Highly Marketable Script


Nothing you read about Screenwriting or classes that you take will outshine what you’ll see today on this episode of Wayne’s Movie World.

Here for you now are the 9 key elements that will make your SCRIPT highly marketable


  1. Marketable Concept. (More on that next time)
  2. Roles, circumstances and relationships that are appealing to A-List Actors
  3. A compelling conflict that grips us throughout the script. (Understand your Protag’s DESIRE Line)
  4. An intriguing opening that connects with audience and demands we read the entire script.
  5. Fascinating scenes, situations and moments
  6. Depth through subtext that engages the mind
  7. An emotional roller coaster
  8. Amazing writing
  9. A flexible writer committed to the success of the project(Will do whatever it takes to get the film made)

Nothing is more important. This is the heart of selling your script and I can assist you in all of this with a consultation. Remember I offer a free ten minute consultation with no obligation what so ever.

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