ON LOCATION. October 17, 2015: Is Talent Enough?

Is Talent Enough?

A very difficult question to answer! Is talent enough? Yes and no. Let’s look at the people, who as children, often start to train at a young age to be Olympians, Ballet Dancers, Athletes, and so on. That speaks to me about their DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE. Let me hasten to add that you do need talent in these worlds. But talent comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you aspire to be a screenwriter, obviously a vital component is talent. Some are naturally more talented than others. However, as a consultant I often see talent which can be brought out and developed through the Consultations I provide. However if the writer is a ‘natural’ it makes the task a little easier.

Whether the talent can be developed or whether the writer is a natural, talent is not the end all and be all. (“It comes in all shapes and sizes”). There’s more to it. Here is the bottom line.

There are lots of people out there with talent. Great. KEY: Determination makes the difference. Often aspiring writers give up or quit. Most times because they run into a brick wall of rejection in trying to sell their script. No consultant can guarantee a sale, but what we can do is elevate the quality of your script.

When I sold radio commercials years ago, I knew that I would hear 100 no’s before I heard a yes from potential clients.

A-LIST WRITERS in LA have said to me, face to face, if you are not writing every day, you will fail.Let me help you develop your talent, encourage you to have determination and show you the key to discipline.

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