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How to Write a Great Query Letter

  All aspiring writers have to face the dreaded query letter—when marketing a ‘spec’ script. You will have to bite the bullet and write those letters. While this may seem like just a boring business letter, it’s actually a time […]


Great writers are great at subtext. Great subtext makes you a great writer. Great screenplays are loaded with excellent subtext. There are different types of subtext. SUBTEXT DIALOGUE SUBTEXT ACTION SUBTEXT SCENES SUBTEXT CHARACTERS Be able to create one kind […]

The Business of Screenplay Marketing

Business of Screenplay Marketing The most common complaint I hear from screenwriters about “show business” is that the business side is frustrating. Most screenwriters would prefer focusing on their writing versus marketing. And although it’s understandable, the “business” is an […]

The Seeds For Screenwriter’s Success

Seed 1 As a screenwriter you should know that it all begins with you! That applies to your great storytelling and ultimately to your vision of success. You have to see your personal story succeeding as well. You may wonder […]

Query Letter Mailings

ON LOCATION One Sure Fire Way to Get Your Script In Front Of Hollywood Producers, Literary Agents, & Managers.   Query Letter Mailings If you have a completed screenplay, you have spent countless hours writing it and getting it to […]


Three Must Haves for Your Logline      1. State the conflict and who it’s between.  Screenplays are boring when there is not enough conflict. It’s the same with the logline. You may have a great script but your logline will […]