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ON LOCATION January 14th, 2017

5 Lies About Becoming a Screenwriter   Becoming a screenwriter is the most incredible, challenging, rewarding, disappointing, exciting, rollercoaster ride of self-discovery you’ll ever take. No matter how your career turns out, it’s worth it. That said, your life is […]


FIVE LAWS TO CREATE A GREAT SCREEN STORY   Wonderful Screen Stories just don’t happen. They must be flawless in concept, detailed in structure, a plot that keeps the audience in their seats and a clear, precise understanding of the […]


My apologies for being so late with this post. We experienced computer problems Five Great Holiday Films and How to Copy Them   Jodie Foster directs this bitter sweet comedy about a single woman who goes home for the holidays. […]

ON LOCATION. December 3rd, 2016

The Truth About the One Thing Writers Hate Doing   Networking Screenwriters typically cringe when hearing that they need to schmooze or network to succeed in Hollywood, Toronto, London, Mumbai or Beijing. The whole idea of “schmoozing” and “networking” brings […]

ON LOCATION, November 19, 2016

How to format a screenplay. Today we’re lucky enough to have some excellent software packages that make formatting your screenplay so much easier. So, why do you need to read up on formatting? It’s all taken care of? All the […]

ON LOCATION November 5, 2016

ON LOCATION November 5, 2016   The 5 Types of “No” In Hollywood and What They Mean Emerging writers will often experience anxiety after sending a script, query letter, synopsis and so on. Naturally they would like to hear a […]