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10 Cloverfield Lane FILM REVIEW

10 Cloverfield Lane THE SKINNY John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in this sensationally effective semi-sequel to 2008’s found-footage hit. REVIEW Watching “Cloverfield,” the 2008 found-footage disaster movie about an alien invader on the streets of New York, it […]

The Truth about Producers

  All aspiring and emerging writers should know that the person who decides whether a script is purchased or declined is a Producer. Most often that decision is based on what a “producer’s reader” has to say about a particular […]


HE SKINNY Ryan Reynolds gets the full-throttle wisecracking showcase he deserves in this scabrously funny origin story. Read on for our full Deadpool film review. REVIEW At this point, a movie studio would have to torch its headquarters, donate its […]

myths about parentheticals

4 Myths About Parentheticals

Myth One A writer needs to show when a character is laughing, smiling, winking! Rarely does a writer need to do this – why not just put it in your scene description? Moreover, reserving a parenthetical for something like “(smiles)” […]

Hail, Caesar! FILM REVIEW

Hail, Caesar! Film Review THE SKINNY The Coen brothers deliver a gorgeously crafted romp through vintage Hollywood in this droll and ruminative entertainment. REVIEW If there’s such a thing as poker-faced exuberance, you can feel it in every loving, teasing […]

Dirty Grandpa FILM REVIEW

  ‘Dirty Grandpa’ When Robert DeNiro accepts his lifetime achievement Oscar, don’t expect his highlight reel to include a single clip from “Dirty Grandpa,” a brutally unfunny stab at ribald comedy that stands as the legendary actor’s big-screen nadir. Spouting […]

Ride Along 2 FILM REVIEW

RIDE ALONG 2 Film Review THE SKINNY Ice Cube and Kevin Hart re team, and add Ken Jeong to their ranks, in this tired, witless and potentially lucrative sequel. REVIEW About halfway through the sequel to Universal’s 2014 hit “Ride […]

Components of a Highly Marketable Script

ON LOCATION January 9, 2016

Vital Components of a Highly Marketable Script   Nothing you read about Screenwriting or classes that you take will outshine what you’ll see today on this episode of Wayne’s Movie World. Here for you now are the 9 key elements […]