Script Services

One Page Synopsis

I will ensure that the synopsis shows the main conflict in the story and that the protagonist is designed to relate to an audience. I’ll ensure that the ‘hook’ is powerful and will result in a script request. Together, we will also determine whether your synopsis should be written from a marketing point of view or a story point of view. Plus, I will tie it all together with a 30 MINUTE phone consultation. There is an available MP3 recording of the call which will assist with you when writing your script.

This represents incredible value for only $25.00.

Your Feature Screenplay

Together we will cover the basics and the nuances.
I will examine all aspects of your screenplay. Is the fundamental concept displayed in every moment of the film? Is your story working on all levels?
I will ensure that the structure delivers the story in a powerful way. You will receive development notes that are specific to plot, character and theme. This means detailed analysis.
I will examine all of your characters, major and minor to ensure your lead characters embrace:

  1. A problem/need
  2. An external goal that relates to an audience.
  3. Basic core traits that will give your leads a unique voice.
  4. An inner story that compliments the outer story
  5. A self-revelation that is learned from all that has happened in the story
  6. Actions that are consistent within the structure and that those actions are meaningful with subtext

I will ensure that the circumstances the characters are placed in will create scenes that flow together and deliver each scene’s meaning in a powerful way.
We will study the subtext to make sure that your script has some form of subtext on every page. This includes dialogue, character actions and subtext scenes.
I will ensure your formatics are correct and that your action lines and descriptors are crystal clear on the page.
Plus, you will receive a two hour phone consultation. More time than anyone else offers for under $200.00! There is an available MP3 recording of the call which will assist with on-going rewrites of your script.
My notes will be embedded in your Script’s pdf {equal to four full pages} and delivered immediately after your Consultative Phone Call.
Amazing turnaround time – days instead of weeks.
All of this for the incredibly low fee of $165.00.

Your Short Film

This Consultation for your short film will incorporate most of what you see in our assessment of a feature film screenplay. There is a one hour phone consultation along with pdf notes embedded in your script (tantamount to two full pages) and rushed to you immediately after the consultation call. There is an available MP3 recording of the call which will assist with on-going rewrites of your script.

But that’s not all.

Your short film could also be assessed as Act One of your feature script. This includes the elements necessary to create an amazing Act One.

  1. Does the opening image grab the audience off the top?2_early-george-lucas
  2. Is the theme expressed properly? Does it allow for developed in a significant way in every corner of the First Act?
  3. Does your catalyst express the main conflict in embryonic form?
  4. Does the catalyst enable an audience to relate to the protagonist’s ‘desire’?
  5. Is there a ‘call to adventure’ that the hero is unsure of?
  6. Is the picture set up in the first ten pages?
  7. Does the audience see the opposing forces arrayed against the protagonist, including the antagonist and the accompanying allies?
  8. Does the protagonist make a specific decision to go into the upside down world of Act 2?
  9. Is the first turning point powerful and riveting?


Use this assessment for a Short or as a First Act. Whatever your choice this Consultation is flexible and is available for only $75.00