top secrets to a successful pitch


Most writers often feel uncomfortable marketing their scripts and/or pitching their scripts. I’ve heard it said that this kind of marketing feels like a sales pitch.

But it’s really not. Before we talk about what a pitch really is, I’d like to present the 5 top secrets to a successful pitch. Success is defined as getting a script request at the conclusion of the pitch.

There are, as you know, many different kinds of pitches. The elevator pitch, the phone pitch, the query letter pitch, the 30 minute pitch (unproduced writers should avoid), the ‘pitch fest’ pitch.

Always remember who you are pitching to.

Does the Producer work in your genre? Does the person work with ‘indies’? Does the Producer have a ‘first look deal’? Is the person the ‘decision maker’?

  1. Your script must be the best it can be. Ensure that it’s ready for the market.
  2. Lead with something personal about yourself that will connect to the script. “I’ took some flying lessons after I finished college and that’s why I wrote this script, “CLOUDS”
  3. KEY: Never read nor memorize the pitch.
  4. Keep it short {under two minutes}. Leave room for a question. Do pause from time to time.
  5. KEY: As you present, listen to any questions. Watch for facial expression and body language as you speak.


Your job is not to sell, but to LISTEN and WATCH. That’s what a pitch is! Listening and watching.

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