The Truth about Producers


All aspiring and emerging writers should know that the person who decides whether a script is purchased or declined is a Producer. Most often that decision is based on what a “producer’s reader” has to say about a particular script in what is known as coverage.

Producers come in all shapes and sizes – with over a dozen different kinds of producers. Here’s the truth about producers.

  1. Producers are business people. Yes, they are movie people, but first and foremost a Producer is in the ‘movie business’. New writers need to understand this and understand what a Producer needs. They are the buyers. The writer is the seller. Remember, you’re asking a movie or TV Producer to spend anywhere from one million to ten million dollars on YOUR script. It better be amazing.
  2. A Producer will show very little interest in your story at the beginning. They first need to hear your CONCEPT, your big movie idea. If you write a query letter or pitch in a room, concept is KING.
  3. Producers deal in film genres. Some specialize in particular types of genres. Others produce in three or four different genres. Know the genres in which the person you approach produces. I advise clients to avoid ‘hybrid’ genres if the client is a first, second or third time writer.
  4. Often Producers prefer working with produced writers, but NOT ALWAYS. That’s good news for unproduced writers.
  5. If you have the rights to an intellectual property (IP), or if your script is based on a true story, Producers are more apt to pay attention if either of those cases apply.

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