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The Truth About 98% of Scripts Sent Out

A number of aspiring writers are often reluctant to believe that 98% of the scripts that are registered at the WGA, entered into contests, or are submitted to agents, managers and producers are really not ready for the market and never will be without in depth input from a professional in the industry like an agent, producer, director or consultant.

Sometimes this includes new writers who have made it into the Quarter Finals of a script competition. Other times it may be a submission from a writer who has temporarily given up and enters a contest to get ‘back in the game’, get the notes, try to gauge the level of writing, and do a rewrite. Now don’t misunderstand! Enter as many contests as you can afford, but stick to the big contests (Nichol, Blue Cat, Final Draft, Page).

Avoid letting your ego get the best of you, saying – maybe I underestimated my genius and I’m on my way to the semi-finals, or even the top 10. Keep trying to get that ‘brass ring’ even when ten days later, its back to reality. You didn’t make the next round. That means there’s more work to be done. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a little bit of appreciation means your work is done. Because it’s not. Remember, there is a vast difference between placing in a script writing contest and selling a Producer on optioning or buying your script. Stay in the game. Take more classes, get more notes, work with a consultant through a few drafts and most importantly, listen!

We must have a little faith in the system because it’s not working against us. If we listen, put in the time, seek out and take feedback, develop our craft with a refresher course or just listen to a new perspective even after we win a contest, I believe you can overcome some of those bigger hurdles and break in.

2% of scripts sent out by aspiring writers will be noticed and even then, most of those will be filed because the writing is amazing and of those very few will be optioned.

But to get there requires talent, determination and a script that’s ready for the market

To the ones who stick with it, who don’t give up, who understand you may hear ‘100 no’s’ before a YES, that’s a true marker for a writer’s readiness for the industry. It’s just that competitive.

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