Things Independent Producers Look For in Your Script

Two Things Independent Producers Look For in Your Script

More and more scripts from New Writers are winding up with “Indie” Producers. These independent producers must also respond to fundamental changes in the ‘Industry’.

What they tend to look for in your script is a Title that has potential ‘franchise’ power. Note the success of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in 2011 and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  this year.

There is also much speculation about a second installment of The Fault in Our Stars from last year.

This is NOT to say that each and every script from aspiring writers must be capable of inspiring a franchise. There will always be room for those quirky ‘indie dramas’ that capture critics and audiences at film festivals alike.

It does mean that the TITLE of your movie should possess the capability.

Another consideration that many ‘Indie Producers’ look for is the potential of a script becoming a ‘MINI BLOCKBUSTER’.

Note films like Whip Lash, Slum Dog Millionaire and The King’s Speech. These movies were produced with rather small budgets and went on to be embraced by audiences worldwide.

Obviously, one cannot know absolutely how a film will perform in the market place, but I feel it is a consideration that aspiring writers would do well to entertain.

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