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What A-List Screenwriters Know that You Don’t

ON LOCATION August 15, 2015

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A-List screenwriters. The $Million Screenwriters. The A-Listers and they know something you don’t.

How to attract a major actor to a role. It could be the lead character or a supporting role; but it can be a character that an Actor wants to play. How you deal with your character can make a big difference and possibly attract A-List talent who wants to become that person you have created.

There are three parts that comprise this type of characterization.

  • The essential character description
  • The situation in which the character is placed
  • The way the character is brought on.

I’ve seen character descriptions that are two sentences long and ones that are a just a few words. The description of your lead character must be done in a way that is fresh and unique. Not an easy thing to do.

I saw a script once in which the female character was described as:

“ANGELLA, (23) a skirt of 8 or 9 threads. Wears a mile of lipstick. Struts like an Ostrich.”

Deliberate, think. How will you describe your lead character? Will your description attract an A-Lister?


The circumstance you put your lead character in can make a tremendous difference. Now, this may be somewhat tempered by genre and character arc.

Watch “Basic Instinct”. The situation the character is in is the key as to why a major actor wanted that role.

Watch ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and observe the situation Geoffrey Rush is placed in when we first meet him.

How you bring your lead character on is also very important. This is something Hollywood has known how to do for years. Sometimes a Director will veer from the script because they have a great way to bring the lead on.

You need look no farther than the current Mission Impossible–Rogue Nation. Tom Cruise is brought on running across a field to a runway where he jumps on the outside of a cargo plane that’s rolling down the runway and takes off with him holding on outside the plane.

Watch Casablanca and observe how Humphrey Bogart is brought on.


These three aspects when done in a fresh and creative way may very well attract a ‘movie star’ to your character.

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