What A-List Writers Do that You Don’t

Terry Rossio and Tim Elliott {Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean} are certainly one of the most sought after writing teams in Hollywood. Their string of successful scripts go back to the 80’s. They tell us, “Your two “best friends” are the logline and the outline.”
Other A – List Writers agree!

Let’s see if their advice would make a difference for your script.

Use your Logline and your Outline to keep you focused on the story and to prevent writers’ block.

It is axiomatic that most aspiring writers dislike doing an Outline. The reason? Most unproduced writers want to start writing immediately. Act One, Scene One.
Most often after 20 or 30 pages, the writers paints themselves into a corner.
Avoid starting the writing without a three or four page Outline (Double Space). It will act as a guide through the first draft and it will most certainly start the creative juices flowing.

Let me quality this idea. Most new writers have a logline. However, if you do the Outline early in the process, you will see that there will be many ways to strengthen the logline.

Begin to write at the END POINT

I have been in a number of conferences with ‘A- Listers’ on panels. A large majority say ‘Begin at the end of the screenplay and write backwards.’ Your best friend, “Mr. Outline”, will help you in a significant way.

Again, this method will pump up the creative juices and you’ll come up with several amazing ‘set-ups’ and ‘pay-offs’.

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